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Can a Podium Stop a Bullet?: Teaching in the age of mass shootings

The Rumpus
Female Friendships and Online Literary Sexism
(translated into Italian for the Roman Magazine, Edizioni SUR, 

Le amicizie femminili e il sessismo letterario online)
A Girl and Her Car 
Amy: Queen of Decay

What I learned from my fling with the 1%

Why Louie Is Like Great Literature

The Millions
Creativity and Madness: On Writing Through the Drugs 

The Morning News
The Wolf is Waiting

Abortion: a love story

Media Cleansing for Writers

Bitch Magazine
What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life?

Coney Island

The Forward
Flow It, Show It: The Spirituality of Hair

Oranges: An Essay in Parts

The Jewish Week  
Sukkot in the City


BUST Magazine
6 Media All-Stars You Need To Follow, Honored By Amy Schumer At The Women’s Media Awards

GOOD Magazine
This Entrepreneur Is Turning Period Drama Into an Opportunity for Female Empowerment
This Group of Moms Has a Plan to End Climate Change Forever
How This Rich Kid Plans to End Income Inequality for Everyone
You’re Probably Spending Money on the Gun Industry. This Woman Wants to Help You Stop
Mom Fights to Reform Our Prisons’ “Cruel” Treatment of Pregnant Women
How A Love Of Reading Helped This Woman Go From Homeless to Harvard
The Formal World Economy Was Failing Women and Small Farmers. So This Guy Built a New One
3 Ways This Surf-Loving Coalition Is Trying to Save Our Oceans

Partial List of Books Mentioned at NonfictioNow Conference in Flagstaff
Hot and Bothered: Writing about Sexuality at BinderCon


Prison Letters
The Great Escape

The Forward 
Torah Whisperer