Gila Lyons


Gila Lyons’ work has appeared in Salon, Vox, Fusion, GOOD Magazine, Bust Magazine, The Rumpus, The Millions, The Morning News, Ploughshares, Brevity, Tablet, The Forward, Bitch Magazine, and other publications, and is forthcoming from Cosmopolitan. Her pieces have been widely shared and reviewed on Reddit, The Huffington Post, Longreads, Vela, New York Magazine, and anthologized in several books and collections. She has taught writing in the classroom, at writing retreats, recovery centers, and prison-alternative programs. Gila holds an MFA in literary nonfiction from Columbia University, teaches college writing and literature. She is at work on a memoir about seeking a natural cure for panic disorder, but falling prey to the underbelly of the alternative health movement. Follow her on Twitter at @gilalyons